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CALL: H2020-BBI-JTI-2018

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M.Sc. Candidate(s) sought for micro-algae production at MARECURA AS

M.Sc. Candidate(s) sought for micro-algae production



We seek a highly motivated bachelor-level student of biotechnology, chemistry or biology to work with our 25 L PBR (see photo) on a 3-6 months engagement starting May-July this year. After this a permanent R&D position will be available for the right candidate. The position is part of our R&D team for production of food and feed ingredients from micro-algae at our factory at Maarud Bio-industrial Park, located just 75 km outside Oslo, Norway.  Candidates who want to continue for a M.Sc.-degree with us at some European university gain priority.  Candidates with M.Sc. of a relevant subject area are well-come, aiming at an Industrial Ph.D. fellowship or similar.  We encourage candidates who will consider working with us on a regular basis in developing micro-algae processes and products. MareCura is a novel company but based upon 50 years of European R&D. We comprise a high commercial and academic standing and a strong products knowledge among our four board members and two majority owners, and participate in well-established professional networks.  Currently, new projects are developed with our Norwegian partners. The selected candidate(s) will gain valuable experience from industrial bioproduction from renewable resources, concepts of clean production technology and industrial ecology. A Non-Disclosure Agreement must be signed by the candidate, and with the mother institution of future M.Sc./Ph.D.-theses. Private room can be rented in our apartment close to the factory. Fixed monthly salary is offered and paid according to Norwegian regulations at the current national level for fresh candidates, depending on qualifications. A brief application with extensive CV and indication of final grade level should be in our mailbox by May Candidates and Potential tutors can contact me by phone or mail, or if convenient during the Algae Industrial Summit, Viennena, April    


MORTEN LAAKE, Docent (p)        CTO of MARECURA AS

Office:  MAARUDVEIEN 126, NO-2114 DISENÅ, NORWAY  – TEL:       +47 48099110        MAIL: