Working Group Meeting to involve industries in Ljubljana

IMG_8430_2-683x1024The third Working Group (WG) meeting of the EUAlgae COST Action was held in the premises of The Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical technology of Ljubljana in Slovenia  from 1st to 3rd March 2017. This was the biggest meeting organized in the framework of EUAlgae Action.  Local support for the organization of this meeting was kindly provided by Dr. Marina Klemencic (SI) and Dr. Marko Dolinar (SI).

There was a huge interest for participation among the Action members and finally 48 researchers from 22 countries had the opportunity to participate in the event.

The objective of the meeting was to involve the industries into the interdisciplinary discussion platform for collaboration on the different steps involved in the processes related to production of algae bioproducts and to try to fill the gap between the research and industry sector. EUAlgae participants had the opportunity to  listen and identify the problems of the industries in these processes and set the basis of collaboration for the further improvement and commercialization of algae bioproducts. A total of 11 industries working in the field of utilization of microalgae biomass for sustainable fuels and fine chemical products took part in the meeting.

In addition to presentations and lively discussions, on the first day of the meeting, prof. Christiane Funk from Sweden, held  a talk about the project MicroBiorefine she is coordinating.

The participants also had the opportunity to visit the AlgaeBioGas demo centre in the suburbs of Ljubljana, where a short explanation and demonstration of the facility (algal treatment of biogas production plant digestate) was held.

On the 3rd day the annual MC meeting of the EUAlgae Action was held and the bases of the future events were established.

Ljubljana meeting

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