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EuAlgae meeting in Ljubljana

IMG_8430_2-683x1024Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical technology of Ljubljana in Slovenia will from 1st to 3rd March host the biggest EuAlgae meeting held up to now! The meeting will focus especially on collaborations between academia and industry working in the field of utilization of microalgae biomass for sustainable fuels and fine chemical products.

In addition to presentations and lively discussions, a talk will be held on the first day of the meeting by prof. Christiane Funk from Sweden, who is coordinating a project MicroBiorefine. This study investigates the basic properties of algae and cyanobacteria isolated from northern environments and their optimal growth on municipal and industrial waste water and combustion gases. Additionally, work integrates purification processes, cultivation of photosynthetic microorganisms and the production of sustainable energy production or valuable products.

On the second day, a trip is organised in the suburbs of Ljubljana to AlgaeBioGas demo centre, where a short explanation and demonstration of the facility (algal treatment of biogas production plant digestate) will be held.

Together with MC members of 23 EU members, 10 industries will be joining this three-day meeting.

Welcome to Ljubljana!