First training School “Microalgae based processes: upstream and downstream”

The first training School “Microalgae based processes: upstream and downstream” was held in Lisbon (Portugal) from 9th to 11th of November 2016. It was organized by the Bioenergy Unit of LNEG – National Laboratory of Energy and Geology.

The course was attended by 19 PhD students from 15 countries (Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey), and the specialized lectures were given by 9 senior researchers from 8 different institutions, on the following topics:  biotechnology of microalgae, including all the production steps, from cultivation (for high-value products and energy), harvesting and dewatering the biomass, high value compounds from microalgae, microalgae use in food and feed, as well as in bioenergy production; the concept of biorefinery, life cycle assessment and the economics of the process were also addressed.

Moreover, students had the opportunity to participate in a technical visit to the Algae for Fuel – A4F Experimental Unit (Lisbon, Portugal).

2016-11-09-training-school-wa0012  2016-11-09-training-school-wa0010

2016-11-09-training-school_104544  2016-11-09-training-school_113100

2016-11-09-training-school-wa0008_2  2016-11-09-training-school-wa0006_2

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